Chronic Fatigue Syndrome: Symptoms and Treatment

Symptoms and Treatment

It is characterized by extreme fatigue that arises for no apparent reason and goes on over time. Chronic Fatigue Syndrome does not have a known cause, although it is accepted that it results from a set of factors that relate to each other. More common in females, their incidence increases after 40 years.

It is a complex picture of extreme and persistent fatigue. Although it is the cause of only 3% of all cases of exhaustion, the truth is that this is an extremely disabling clinical entity that leads to a lack of deep energy and is still poorly understood and accepted.

It is more frequent among women from the age of 40, the truth is that this syndrome does not look at the sexes or ages, and can be diagnosed even in childhood.

Causes remain unknown

Although there are many theories about what causes it, the truth is that it is not yet known what is at the origin of this syndrome.

However, it is assumed that this framework results from the combination of a set of factors.

Among the most discussed hypotheses are viral infections, which are thought to be the source of extreme fatigue. To support this theory, there are reports that its diagnosis will have arisen in the wake of flu and other persistent viral infections. However, this relationship has not yet been demonstrated.

On the other hand, in some cases it was possible to detect some weaknesses in the immune system and in the autonomic nervous system – that part of the nervous system that controls the body’s vital automatic functions (blood pressure, heart rate and body temperature) syndrome.

According to the National Association Against Fibromyalgia and Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, “there is also the possibility that some people may develop CFS due to brain trauma or exposure to a toxin.”

Diagnosis and main symptoms

To date, there is no diagnostic test to confirm the disease. This is done by clinical examination and by exclusion of other pathologies that have as main symptom the fatigue, as is the case of thyroid dysfunctions, lupus, multiple sclerosis, hepatitis, sleep disorders or depression. Before it keeps on, take appointment at American Home Health Care Services for early diagnose.

When there is no disease that justifies the symptoms referred by the patient, the diagnosis of Chronic Fatigue Syndrome is concluded when, for more than six months, fatigue is considered debilitating and causes a substantial reduction in its activity.

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