Dr. Jonathan Lauter – Qualities of a Good Psychiatrist for Your Child

Qualities of a Good Psychiatrist for Your Child

Children and teenagers often face mental health issues and parents might not be equipped to handle. This is where they need to consult a skilled and experienced psychiatrist for getting the help they need for their child. If you are not sure about how to find the right psychiatrist for your child. You should contact the psychiatric clinic in your state and ask them for references. If their office is located near your home, you can ask the staff that works there to give you references so that you can visit them personally and books an appointment for your child. If you have a primary care health care professional for your child, you may consult him or her for referrals.

Dr. Jonathan Lauter- what are the traits of a good psychiatrist?

Dr. Jonathan Lauter is an esteemed and experienced Psychiatrist and a fellow associated with The American Psychiatric Association. He presently practices privately and is a clinician at Refuah Health Center at Spring Valley in New York. He says that it is important for the patient to be comfortable with the psychiatrist so that the comfort factor is high.

A good psychiatrist will help you identify the source of the mental health issue of the child. He or she is empathetic to give you practical solutions when it comes to treatment. The patient should be given the time and patience to express his or her feelings without fears of judgment. Often the patient faces the problem of opening up. There may be days where the child may not open up and remain quiet. Children may have to be counseled alone without their parents. So, the psychiatrist needs to establish a high degree of trust and confidence in the patient. Good psychiatrists have experience and knowledge in helping children cope with the mental health they suffer from.

Modesty and humility are two top traits of a good psychiatrist  

Good psychiatrists are compassionate, and they are humble when it comes to interacting with their patients. They also deal with children that suffer from the autism syndrome disorder. Here, the child faces challenges with social communication skills. The psychiatrist helps both the child and parents understand and cope with the challenges of autism. They practice humility so that their patients are able to interact with them without feeling pressurized at all.

Dr. Jonathan Lauter says that in New York city several parents believe that the mental issue in the child will subside with age; however he says that you should always consult a good psychiatrist first.  He or she will help you to identify the source of the issue, and in this way, you effectively can help the child cope with the mental issues faced. Social support from family helps the child largely to arrest the mental health problem that he or she faces. Parents should never ignore any mental health issue of their child. This will only remain unaddressed and intensify into adulthood. Consult a compassionate psychiatrist and help your child today!

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