Get a Full Health Screening for Better Health

health screening in Singapore

Health care is not cheap and the higher its cost, the more it is necessary for you to prevent any disease. The sad thing is that people have been putting health care in the back seat. However, visiting the doctor regularly can make a huge difference between life and death. It is crucial for you to get a get a full health screening in Singapore. This can help prevent simple diseases from becoming fatal and this can also help you gain tips on healthy lifestyle. The following are some of the best reasons why you need to get a full health screening in Singapore.

Prevention is always better than cure.

Regular checkups will allow doctors to spot any health concerns earlier before it gets worse. There are several tests that are involved in a regular medical checkup. Examples of these are preventive screenings and physical examinations. If there is something negative, the doctor will be able to give treatment plans and preventive measures. The most popular health checks are cervical pap smear, body mass index or BMI and obesity tests, blood pressure tests, cholesterol level checks, and diabetes checks.

You need to cut health care costs.

It’s true that health checks can be costly, but there are several ways for you to cut on health care. Doing regular checkups will also help you save much in the long run since you can avoid possible health issues which if not prevented may lead to surgery and more extensive medical care. There are some discount coupons that you can use for medical checkups. You may also check with your insurance company or your employer and find out if they can cover your medical checkups.

Always be mindful of your dental care or oral care.

Aside from having checkups with doctors, it is also necessary for you to undergo checkups with your dentist and eye doctor. The number of times you visit the dentist depends on how at risk you are of periodontal disease. It is also important for individuals to undergo eye care and vision tests. Optometrists will be able to check for glaucoma and give you vision reports. They will also be able to recommend glasses and contact lenses. People who are between 50 and 65 must undergo eye checks every two years while those who are over 65 must undergo an eye test every year.

Another question is the right time for adults to undergo a medical checkup. You need a medical checkup when you are in any of the following situations: when sick, to manage chronic and any persisting condition, prenatal care if you are pregnant, when you have lifestyle issues such as family planning, when checking on the effects of a new medicine, when you experience symptoms of an illness, to help address risk factors such as smoking and obesity, and other possible reasons based on your needs.

It is crucial to set a schedule with your health care provider since he or she best knows well your health history.

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