We reverse the ways of thinking: for our healthy menus we think first vegetables and fruits , and then meat / fish, cheese and cereals become the secondary accompaniment. If our intestines allow, a portion of raw each meal for the intake of enzymes and the quality of minerals and vitamins.

2 / Seasonal and local vegetables preferably.

It’s not a fad, it’s just that nature is super-well done, and it provides us with exactly what we need when we need it.

Of green vegetables , the cruciferous , of squash during the winter, rich in antioxidants, vitamins and minerals to boost the immune and nervous system,some flagadas during this period. Fruit and vegetables watered in the summer to hydrate and fill up with vitamins .

Eating locally and seasonally , also avoids transport times and storage conditions that completely reduce the nutritional qualities of fruits and vegetables, which, the more they are consumed quickly after harvesting, the more they offer wonderful health benefits .

3 / Clearly reduce milk and cow milks, and diversify with alternatives to milks of animal origin .

The promise to discover many flavors as a bonus!

  • We replace cream with creams of oats, coconut, rice …
  • Vegetable beverages are drunk  : oats, chestnuts, hazelnuts, rice, millet, spelled, quinoa, almond … which are delicious for cakes, pancakes, breakfasts and if you want animal milks, we prefer the milk of mare, ewe and goat, which are more digestible.
  • Soy, coconut milk, goat and sheep yogurts are alternated rather than less digestible and more acidic cow yogurts.

Finally, you can reduce the butter and vary the cake recipes or toast by replacing it with mashed almonds, hazelnuts, and sesame. ..

4 / Hop, we chase the white and we adopt the nuance: pasta, rice, bread, white flour will be replaced by pasta, rice, bread and semi-complete flours.

We will even be creative by eating chickpeas pasta, quinoa, lentils, corn bread, chestnuts, buckwheat ….

Ah, and for the semi-complete, especially the choose organic!

5 / Creation of pretty colored plates and tasted in full consciousness .

What does it mean ? it means to put a lot of love in the preparation of the meal , to set up a pretty table , to use the spices and the aromatics to color the plates, and to do good. AND we take the time to eat (we do not do anything else, especially no TV or smartphone, eh ???), we take the time to enjoy, to observe the sensations and how the taste buds react. We smell, we touch, we taste, we look without moderation …… we take the time to chew.

Try these 5 good health practices , and write a short comment to share the changes you have felt after a week, questions and tips.

5 gestures for a healthy diet and  health at the pace of nature  !

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