I have broken a tooth: What do I do?

I have broken a tooth: What do I do?

Broken teeth are one of the most common emergencies in dentistry. Although this type of emergency is usually related to children and their baby teeth, the truth is that it is also very common among adults.

The fracture of a definitive tooth is usually due to different causes such as accidents, falls, blows when practicing a sport, fights or, even, as a consequence of biting very hard foods.

Given its position in the front of the mouth, the teeth that are most often broken are the upper central incisors. These, in addition to performing a fundamental function during chewing, also have great aesthetic importance.

Although we hope you do not have to resort to our advice, this emergency occurs very frequently. Therefore, in this article we will explain what is to be done in the face of this dental injury and how a broken tooth can be repaired.

If it does not happen to you, you may have to help someone – either a child or an adult – at any given time.

To begin with, we will tell you that in this kind of situations, time plays a fundamental role . In this way, if the appropriate steps are carried out in a short period of time, the prognosis of the fracture will be more favorable.

What do I do if a tooth breaks?

If you suffer a blow that causes the fracture – either total or partial – of a tooth, the first thing you should do is to remain calm.

You may start bleeding a lot and it hurts. This type of urgency is very scandalous, but it is not serious and you have to know how to react to the situation, especially if you are alone.

When you break a tooth, you have to try to pick up the piece of tooth or the pieces you find and store them. And, if you have occasion, rinse your mouth with water.

Depending on whether the tooth has broken completely or partially, you can do two things:

If the break is partial

Gently clean the piece of tooth that you have dropped and place a cold compress on the face to contain the inflammation.

If the fracture is total

Gently rinse the lost tooth with water and try to put it back in its cavity without manipulating the root. To get it to hold, you can help by chewing on gauze. Of course, be careful not to swallow it.

If you do not find it easy or it bothers you to do it, another option is to submerge the lost tooth in a glass of milk without manipulating its root. And then place a cold compress on the face and plug the area of ​​the tooth with a gauze or napkin to contain the bleeding.

Maybe, due to the circumstances, you can not carry out all these steps. If so, do not worry. The most important thing is that you go to the dentist in Dubai urgently.

That is, the fewer minutes you pass without the attention of a more favorable professional will be the prognosis.

How is a broken tooth repaired?

As we have already mentioned, calm and rapidity are key to this type of dental emergency.

That is, our own way of reacting and the time it takes to go to the dentist can make the difference between saving our original tooth or not.

Therefore, do not look for remedies or homemade solutions to fix a broken tooth. The treatment that requires a dental fracture is always professional. And, if this is not done, the negative consequences may appear : an infection and that the damage of the tooth is greater.

Once we are in the consultation, the dentist will assess the dental injury and assess which is the most appropriate solution depending on the damage suffered:


If the nerve has not been affected, a composite reconstruction or a porcelain veneer will be placed.

In this case, the tone of the composite or porcelain will adapt to the color of the rest of the teeth, so the difference between them will not be noticed. As this is the smallest of all possible breaks, this is also the fastest and easiest treatment.


If the fracture is larger and has affected the nerve,  a root canal will be performed first. Subsequently, a crown or sheath will be placed to protect the tooth.

Both when we put a veneer and a crown (cover) we will take into account the color of the rest of the patient’s teeth. Do not forget that the broken tooth is usually in a very visible area and it is necessary to achieve good aesthetics.


When the fracture affects the root , that is, when the end of the break is below the gum, the rest of the root is removed and a dental implant is placed.

This is the solution indicated for cases in which the tooth has suffered greater damage. Since the original tooth can not be saved, an implant must be inserted – to subsequently place a crown or sheath.

In summary, although the fact that you break a tooth may seem serious or scandalous, the truth is that it happens to many people.

Therefore, the best advice we can give you is to  stay calm and visit your dentist as soon as possible. Apart from the function performed during chewing, the central incisors have a great aesthetic value.

Still, do not worry. Nowadays dentistry has many resources to fix this type of mishaps. And, on many occasions, the solution is to conserve your natural tooth.

Of course, we recommend that you try to prevent the breakage of a tooth as much as possible. For example, you can use protective splints when you play sports or any other contact activity.

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