Stop the misconceptions about weight loss!

Stop the misconceptions about weight loss!

Myth # 1: To lose belly, I have to do a lot of abs. FALSE

The secret to lose belly is 60% in a balanced diet , 30% in a  regular sports activity and only 10% in the abdominal target exercises .

And yes … The abdominal exercises are only 10% of the work !! So you do not need to do the series of 200 abs, it will not be very productive, and worse, poorly done it will cause problems in the perineum, back and abdominal strap. No way to do anything! To learn more about the safe practice of abdominals, click here.

Tip : to lose belly, think to strengthen the “big muscles” of the body, including the lower limbs (quadriceps, glutes, …). Indeed, they will help you increase your basic metabolism and thus lose weight easily and compensate for small differences (not to mention tapered legs and dreamy buttocks!)

Myth # 2: If I want to lose weight, I should not eat starchy foods. FALSE

I too often see people who totally eliminate starchy foods from their diet to lose weight. Big mistake ! Starchy foods are essential for the proper functioning of the body, they provide you with energy for the whole day and avoids big cravings. You will also need it for your sporting activities! By question, therefore, to delete them. On the other hand, we will favor “complex  ” carbohydrates such as quinoa, whole rice, chickpeas, … and we will limit refined carbohydrates such as pasta, white rice or white bread (which have a very high glycemic index).

Myth # 3: If I want to lose weight I have to remove all fat. FALSE

Another mistake! Some fats are essential for proper body functioning and emotional balance. No question, therefore, to remove the ”  good fats” such as olive oil, salmon, avocados, … which will provide essential Omega (3,6,9) not being manufactured by the body. However, we avoid the ”  bad fat “, totally useless and harmful to our body, which will come to store in the adipose tissue. It is for example contained in prepared dishes, fries, …

Also think (especially!) To limit refined sugars! They are the ones who raise your blood sugar and promote the storage of bad fats. So we limit the sweets, chocolates, pastries, sodas, alcohol, …

Myth # 4: Making a “restrictive diet” is enough to lose weight. FALSE

Making a restrictive diet is not the solution to losing weight. By doing this, you expose yourself to the yoyo effect . Moreover, when we practice a diet, we often forget the ESSENTIAL part of the physical activity. In fact, when the body is private and the muscles are not stimulated, there is inevitable muscular melting . This muscle loss will cause a decrease in basal metabolism . The lower the basal metabolism, the more the person will tend to store his contributions and therefore to gain weight … This is the effect yoyo!

So remember to practice a regular physical activity during your weight loss approach, otherwise you will resume (see more!) Quickly!

Myth # 5: Weight loss rhymes with diet. FALSE

If you want to lose weight sustainably, do not think diet but rebalancing ! It’s about finding the food and sports balance that’s right for you, to balance your contributions and expenses. No frustration, no forbidden, just a diet and physical activity adapted to your pace of life and your desires! Only that way will it work in the long run .

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