In spite of all these beautiful , warm and colorful landscapes , the soft sun that penetrates the hearts, or the white light that heralds winter, you may have the morale in your socks , or, on the contrary, for some, a deep sense of well-being . installs with a desire to slow down in his life.
In any case we all agree on one point, the autumn shakes, the autumn moves, the fall imposes a new state, a new rhythm that we struggle to appropriate.
Autumn is an intermediate season that lies between the strong energy of the summer , very yang , and that of thevery yin winter in Chinese medicine.
In summer, the days are long and the activity is stronger and denser. In winter the days are shorter, the activity less intense, and it is a season of rest and interiority.


Autumn is often a complicated transition : we close the year , we take stock of what we did and what we did not do.
For sensitive people it is often a difficult moment, we sometimes feel nostalgia, sadness or even depressed.

The impression of being against the current , the impression of having a drop in energy , the feeling of not moving fast enough are often experienced during this period.

So, we get excited , we get impatient, we groan , we yearn for the new year, and at the same time, we are trembling to see Christmas come. We look away by seeing the calendars of the advent and the gifts invaded the hypermarkets and the media …

Others, on the contrary, are happy during the autumn , we soak up the warm colors, the weather is dry and sunny, conducive to walks. The pretty shades of gray appear in the sky. The show is at its peak in nature, birds sing, cranes marching in a cacophony that sounds the climate change and invite to dream of travel. The heart is happy cocooning evenings , under the duvet with a good book or in front of a good movie. We dream of a plush sofa, wrapped in a plaid by a fire, with a good tea or a hot chocolate, and a sweet smell of hot chestnuts that tickles the nostrils. The image of Epinal of autumn …

Still others, develop incredible energy, store, clean, classify, activate …

Still others, will alternate between these two states , depression and well-being, warm heart and sad heart … deploying incredible energy to resist the temptation to slow down, to maintain the pace of summer, to focus and appreciate its moments of plenitude and appeasement offered by nature. These people will be in the resistance and will not be able to install a regular rhythm, so it will be extremely tiring.


It is a natural process, a period of rest that must be respected, that the body requires, that nature itself applies with the hibernation of certain animals and insects, the descent of the sap and the fall leaves that line the ground and protect the roots from the cold to come. It is a totally physiological need that allows our body to recharge, and our health to recharge.
If we live badly in autumnis that we are against the current of this change, we do not follow the energy wave, we try at all costs to keep the pace strong and intense summer. Yet we feel that we do not have the same energy, that it is not so strong and that we really feel weaker, the light falls like the sun on the horizon, and is softer.
To accept, to welcome the decline of diet, to feel right in one’s energy. And respect and welcome blues, blows, favorites … watch them with kindness and let them pass.


Autumn invites you to let go , and that’s important. It is normal to slow down , it is normal to cocoon your interiority and enjoy the colors and warmth of autumn. To envelop oneself in the slowness of time, in the same dance and at the same rhythm of the falling leaves, makes it possible to devote time to find oneself, to reflect.
It is also a good time to share moments with family or friends , to evoke memories and plans for the future . This sharing positively nourishes our emotional and warms hearts . It’s also good to feel on the same frequency of rest and moderate pace!
Autumn is wise and profound, it invites to be benevolent and tolerant with oneself and others.

Accepting this drop in energy when you rest is to accept to recharge your batteries , take care of yourself and prepare yourself to live well in the winter. It is also a well-deserved rest after an intense year.
Autumn organizes and invites to arrange, classify, order, carry out the last harvests (in the literal sense as figuratively), to take advantage of winter at best. We must be careful not to fall into the control and control of everything, the excess of activities. Because during this time, the mind is not creative, we miss the metamorphosis that takes place in us and around us, and instead of welcoming all these changes and benefit from all their benefits, we get impatient, we get excited and we reject them.

Slowing down, cocooning, alternating cool walks and warm rest, is the key to living well in autumn and taking care of yourself.
It’s time to stock up on good books, duvets and cozy plaids, fill your cupboard with good herbal teas (thyme, rosemary, ginger, verbena …) , stock up on sweet playlists, share good warm meals and beautiful walks in the forest , indulge in meditative activities (coloring, painting, pottery, scultpure, knitwear, crafts, landart, gardening …).


At home, by retouching some decorations, some paintings, by moving the furniture of place, by buying some cushions and accessories, by customizing furniture, old chairs or cupboards …
For oneself, by offering relaxation sessions, meditation, sophrology, massages, taking the time for a bath and body care …
And of course the least we can do is to contemplate the beauty of this season and fill the heart of these shimmering colors!

So yes, it’s as simple as that, slow down to fully experience Autumn is necessary.

Connect to nature and live at your own pace, and everything will be fine …
Take care of yourself,

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