The dentist idea for everyone bounces back to Vevey

The dentist idea for everyone bounces back to Vevey

Health After the refusal by the Vaudois of the initiative for a public dental insurance, Veveysans socialists come back with a proposal: a dental center for all. The Municipality studies it. The right is already shaking the specter of a tax hike.

Amit Juillard

Few do not shake when they receive the bill from their dentist. Worse, some avoid consulting for the same reasons. However, a poorly prepared dentition can lead to serious complications: cardiovascular problems, hypertension, diabetes. Hardly the idea of ​​buried state dental insurance that another hatches in Vevey: a communal dental clinic for all.

“There are two elements behind this proposal,” says socialist Isabel Jerbia, the postulant and president of the section. With the Management Commission, we visited the premises of the school dental clinic. I thought it was a shame not to enjoy this place better. Then there was the cantonal vote of 4 March on dental insurance, accepted 53% by the Veveysans. We are doing a lot for children, it is now a matter of giving the entire population access to dental care at a reasonable cost. People who are dependent on social assistance are already helped, but there are all the others. “Today, the municipality has agreements with the dentists of the place, where students can get treatment at a price checked after a first screening, annual and free. The municipal administration specifies however that the premises used can not, as it stands, accommodate a dental office.

Right shields

For the green unionist Elina Leimgruber, it is too early for the Municipality to take a position: “At present, we welcome this postulate. We need to do a lot of work to think about this, especially to calculate the costs involved in setting up such a system. This will take its time. But the idea is interesting. “

“I see that the Socialist Party wishes, every time, that there is more of this, more of that … Always more! In this case, the finances tell us that we offer what we can, “argued in a first debate, the leader of the PLR ​​group Patrick Bertschy at the Council of May 17. “The same middle class that you want to help will get a tax hike for that,” he warned. At the time of the vote, a very marked left-right split had emerged despite some scattered voices. Accepted for return to the Municipality, the text had however given rise to a second vote, this time secret ballots, requested by the right. Verdict: support for the postulate was further strengthened.

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