TOP 5 misconceptions about weight loss

TOP 5 misconceptions about weight loss

We have all heard a stereotype about weight loss like “do not eat anything after 9pm” or “less I eat, more I lose weight“. It is therefore high time to undermine these received ideas that we hear daily.

1) Eat “light” makes you lose weight  –  FALSE

Indeed, these products labeled “light” or “light” generally contain a lot of added sugars to overcome the lack of fat. In addition, they are often just as caloric as a non-lightened product. Nevertheless, some fats are essential to our good nutrition such as olive oil or salmon. We must therefore favor “good fats”.

2) Eating salad would make you lose weight –  TRUE and FALSE.

It depends on the salad. In addition, a Caesar-type mixed salad may contain about the same caloric intake as a steak-fries. In contrast, a salad eaten alone can contribute to weight loss because it has a low calorie intake (15 calories per 100 grams) and it easily fills the stomach. But a salad eaten alone is not enough for a good diet, so it must be combined with other foods such as protein foods for example.

3) Skip a meal to lose weight –  FALSE

Because if you skip a meal hungry, so you will eat even more at the next meal and so you will compensate. On the other hand, if you are not hungry at the time of the meal it is better to wait and eat a little later.

4) To lose belly one must do a lot of abs  –  FALSE.

To be able to lose weight in the best possible conditions it is necessary to combine food and sports physical activity. By the way, doing only abs will not make abdominal fat go away. Nevertheless, this exercise is nonetheless beneficial for strengthening your stomach.

5) To lose weight do not eat starchy –  FALSE

Starchy foods are essential to our diet. Therefore, you just have to eat the right amount for our needs. In addition, starchy foods provide energy throughout the day and can reduce the feeling of hunger. On the other hand, it is still necessary to focus on complex carbohydrates such as quinoa or chickpeas, refined carbohydrates such as pasta or white bread.

We must stop listening to stereotypes. Feel free to stay informed to make the best decisions for your weight loss, that is, to meet a graduate dietitian . Our diet is the basis of our well-being, so do not neglect anything.

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